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In Pirenópolis, one of the main gastronomic places of Goiás, you can appreciate local, regional and international food. The place is considered as the cradle of Goiás culture since it was one of the first cities established in the state, and the local food is represented by typical dishes, like rice with pequi (souari nut), pamonha, empadão, guariroba, bruised paçoca, greengroceries, and pastry. As for Brazilian regional gastronomy, Pirenópolis offers food from Minas Gerais, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, as well as from the Northeast Region, and so on. The international gastronomy is represented by French, Italian, Arabian and Portuguese dishes, among others. These are the reasons that made Pirenópolis a place for those who are seeking a culinary tourism experience, with the Festival Gastronômico e Cultural (Gastronomy and Culture Festival) taking place every year, in June.

In the 1960s, when Brasília was attached to the region, famous people living there started to visit the city, like Juscelino Kubitschek, journalists, consuls, ambassadors, and politicians, who liked to lunch at the restaurant of Padre Rosa Boarding House, owned by Ruanito Jaime. There, a bountiful home-cooked fare lunch was served in portions, but the signature characteristic was the pastry table, with abundant options. Nowadays, the city has the only public gastronomy school of Brazil, ministered by UEG – Universidade Estadual de Goiás [State University of Goiás], and the chefs graduated there increased the diversity and quality of Pirenópolis’ gastronomy. Every weekend the city receives hundreds of regional visitors from Anápolis, Goiânia, Brasília, and neighboring cities, who are attracted by the gastronomy – to have a great lunch or a romantic and grooving dinner with live music.